HealTech Gear Indicator GIpro ATRE G2 [GPAT] with Timing Retard Eliminator

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Gear Indicator - GIpro ATRE G2 [GPAT]

Gear indicator with built-in ATRE function

This combo unit is not only the most advanced gear indicator on the market but also the best TRE (Timing Retard Eliminator) device available for selected Suzuki, Kawasaki and Triumph motorcycles. Get more power while smartening your ride up at the same time! Switch between 7 modes (+ bypass) with the help of the new touch sensor on the top of the unit.

Find your Bike on the list and find the corresponding Gear Indicator from the Product Advisor; this product might not be available for your bike.  Then purchase the Gear Indicator in your preferred colour. Example Code GPAT-K01-GR

Available display colours:
Note: Yellow is not recommended unless the display will be mounted in a shaded location, avoiding direct sunlight.

In stock