HealTech Electronics


We are Official Importers and distributors of Healtech Electronics products in Australia & New Zealand.

HealTech Electronics Ltd. was founded in Hungary, in the heart of Europe. They began in 2003, when we realised how far motorcycle speedometers are off, especially after a gearing change. In 2008 they set up our own surface-mount technology (SMT) production line so everything is designed, assembled and tested in-house. In 2013 they built a new factory (expanded in 2018) which secured thier position as production capacity is no longer a concern.

Healtech work closely with leading motorcycle dealers and tuning centers. Along with thier distributors, they persistently strive to offer exceptional customer service. Healtech success is the result of a dedication to customer satisfaction, word-of-mouth recommendation and testimonials, not heavy advertising.
The product line is still growing as they are constantly developing new, innovative and fun-to-use products both for street and track. However, it’s not the number of products that motivates them, but the quality of everything that bears the HealTech name.
HealTech OBD Tool for Honda, Kawasaki & Suzuki
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OBD Part No.:
OBD-H01 (Honda)OBD-K01 (Kawasaki)OBD-S01 (Suzuki)
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