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The iLogger easy represents a new generation of telemetry systems that is fundamentally different from the competition. The unit installs under the seat easily. It is very simple and convenient to set up and use with the free Android & iOS app. Should you need more inputs/outputs later, just connect the optional extension module(s) any time. New functions are added regularly via automatic app and firmware updates.

The iLE kit is compatible with all vehicles
(motorcycles, cars, etc.) equipped with a 12V battery.

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The iLogger easy (iLE) is an advanced data recording and analyzer unit with a real-time data display/dashboard function. The unit itself has 5 analogue / 2 digital channels to record (optional expansion module available separately) and comes with high accuracy, high-frequency GPS antenna. This ensures that no matter where you ride on open roads or a racetrack, you will get precise location values attached to the recorded data. This can be a huge help to all the riders, aiming to improve on riding, sector and lap times regardless of riding skills and experience. The iLogger easy is suitable for professional racers and race teams too.

Previous sessions can be easily compared in the Analyzer. Additionally, the app can compare data recorded on other iLE modules, meaning sessions from different riders are also comparable.

The iLE is the only data acquisition and telemetry system on the market that could be configured and managed wirelessly on Android/iOS devices. Quickly and easily alter settings with a finger tap. Download recorded data instantly, directly after your riding session. Via Wi-Fi, this takes only a few seconds.


Data acquisition

The sensors’ data is recorded to the large-capacity memory in the module. Hence a constant connection to your smart device is not necessary. The recorded data is subsequently transferred to the smart device via WiFi for analysis.
The other physical element of the system is the high accuracy, high-frequency GPS receiver using an external antenna. The GPS coordinates and the speed data are merged into the captured data stream, meaning that during analysis you get a complete record of status at every stage of the circuit.
The module can record five (5) analogue 0-5V channels (e.g. throttle position, gear position, etc.) and two RPM (pulse) signals (e.g engine speed, wheel speed, etc.). An optional expansion port is also available if you wish to capture more data sources. A configurable output is also available; for instance, the dashboard display LED is controlled via this port.
The iLE can be used with any other HealTech products like the AR Assistant (ARA) and the QuickShifter easy (iQSE), other commonly used racing products.

Data analyzer

The Analyzer is integrated into the iLE app (available for both Android/iOS), so one app offers all features. The recorded data can be displayed as a graph/chart in the Analyzer, plotted against the elapsed time or the distance ridden. There’s also a map view, displaying all the data accurately based on the GPS records. The app can also calculate precise lap times; a vital feature for closed course applications.
Previous sessions can be easily compared in the Analyzer. Additionally, the app can compare data recorded on other iLE modules, meaning sessions from different riders are also comparable. No more arguments, now there’s solid proof of who was the fastest in that session/track day!

Dashboard function

The iLE app also offers a Dashboard function. Use your phone as a real-time display. In this case, a constant connection is required between the iLE unit and the device. You can choose from several dashboard layouts and designs that best suit your style of riding. There’s a professional lap timer skin, a rev-counter focused one and a gear indicator focused one currently. A skin particularly designed for drag racers is in the making too!



The iLE is sold in complete kit which includes:
– iLE module
– GPS antenna
– Universal wiring harness
– Wiring harness for simple iQSE connection

The iLE kit is compatible with all vehicles (motorcycles, cars, etc.) equipped with a 12V battery.

Size: 79mm x 43mm x 20mm
Weight: 95g


USER Manuals

iLE Quick User Guide EN
iLE User Manual EN

Software / Apps

 iLE app for iOS devices > App Store
 iLE app for Android devices > Google Play Store



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iLogger - Chapter 1 - 4 Video's

Frequently Asked Questions?

1.1 Why use this product?
The iLogger easy represents a new generation of telemetry systems that is fundamentally different from the competition. The unit installs under the seat easily. It is very simple and convenient to set up and use with the free Android & iOS app. The iLogger easy is suitable for professional racers and race teams too.

1.2. What parts do I need?
Please always order the exact parts shown by our Product Advisor specifically for your bike model and year. The following list details the components.

Main parts:
iLE-1: The universal control module. This is always required.
iLE-H-PWR: This cabling kit includes the power wires and the RPM signal cable.
iLE-H-iQSE: Same as the iLE-H-PWR harness, except this, can be used for easier installation when your bike is already equipped with our iQSE quickshifter.
iLE-H-SIG: Additional cabling kit to connect various sensors on your bike to the iLE system.
iLE-GPS1: Contains the external GPS antenna.
iLE-LED1: Contains the optional indicator LED.

1.3. How can I order a spare part?
Contact Mototrack Accessories and If something is not available, please contact us.

1.4. Why is the iLE better than competing products?
▪︎ Extremely wide compatibility with most bikes.
▪︎ Total control and configuration via your phone or tablet (iOS/Android).
▪︎ You may use your phone or tablet to access and analyze your recorded sessions on the go in a couple of seconds. No need to carry a heavy laptop with you all the time.
▪︎ Automatic software and firmware updates via Wi-Fi to add feature enhancements.
▪︎ Bike-specific Supplementary Install Manuals are available.
▪︎ Excellent customer service from local distributors or direct from the factory.
▪︎ The best value for money against similar products.
▪︎ Compatible with all other HealTech products.
▪︎ Available worldwide.

1.5. Is the iLE safe to use?
The system does not alter any of the connected signals of your bike, it only captures the actual data from them.

2.1. Do you have a kit for my bike?
The iLE is compatible with most vehicles. The available kit is quite universal, so you have a lot of freedom regarding what sensors and signals you would like to capture.
Supplementary manuals are available with the most common installation scenarios.

2.2. Will the iLE work with an aftermarket ECU?
Yes, it will work fine with an aftermarket ECU too, if you configure and calibrate all the connected sensors properly.

2.3. What does it mean that the iLogger easy can be integrated with the AR Assistant?
When both the ARA and iLE products are installed on the bike, the two products will communicate with each other wirelessly and offer the following benefits:
▪︎ The iLE gets the RPM, front & rear wheel speed data, and also the ARA intervention status signal. It means that these signals do not have to be hard-wired into the iLE module, making the installation easier.
▪︎ The ARA AW-TC sensitivity can be adjusted between 0 (off) and 12 (most sensitive) even while riding, using any physical + and – pushbuttons. These two pushbuttons must be connected to the iLE module.
▪︎ This method also allows you to use the physical ARA switch configured as a PIT switch.
▪︎ The iLE live dashboard can display the ARA AW-TC sensitivity setting and also the ARA intervention status. So when you change the AW-TC sensitivity with the +/- pushbuttons, you’ll see the actual setting on the iLE live dashboard.

2.4. What does it mean that the iLogger easy can be integrated with the QuickShifter easy?
When the iQSE is already installed on a bike, installing the iLE will be easier using the supplied iLE-H-iQSE harness. This way the iLE module will get the power, ground and RPM connections from the existing iQSE wiring harness.

3. Installation

3.1. What is the minimum amount of wires that I need to connect?
The bare minimum is the two power wires (+12V, GND) that you have to connect on your bike.
The module will be functional after this, however you will have no external signals (including GPS) available for capturing.

3.2. Where should I connect the RPM input signal on the bike?
The RPM signal can be captured from multiple places.
The most common and suggested location is one of the ignition coils.
You need to connect the RPM input to one of the wires coming from the ECU. (NOT to the switched +12V supply!) In some cases where the ignition system is not suitable to supply the RPM signal (eg. CDI iginitions), the crank position sensor can be used instead.

 3.3. I have a pre-2006 Yamaha R6, but the RPM input is not working.
This bike still has CDI ignition, meaning you have to install the RPM signal cable to the crank position sensor to get a proper signal to work with.

3.4. What can I do with the OUT signal of the module?
The OUT pin is able to switch GND output under the configured circumstances.
You can use the supplied indicator LED on this output to show recording status, for example.

3.5. Will the iLE drain my battery?
No. After a proper installation, the iLE should not get any power when the ignition key is switched off. You can confirm this via the LED on the module. During operation, it consumes less than 2W.

4. Operation

4.1. For how long can the iLE record data?
It depends on various parameters, like the number of configured signals, sampling rates, etc.
In the most common configurations, the internal memory is good for a couple of track days.

4.2. What happens to an ongoing recording in case of the internal memory of the iLE gets full?
Once the internal memory of the iLE module is full, the actual recording session will be terminated.
Further recording – either being started manually or automatically – is not possible until some memory has been made available on the module.

4.3. There is an option to configure an iLE connection in the ARA application. What is it good for?
The ARA module can be configured to connect to the iLE module of your bike.
Live values (including front and rear wheel speed, type of the intervention, etc.) will be periodically sent to the iLE that records them together with the already configured channels.
This way you have a lot more chance to understand your riding, why interventions are happening and so on.

5. App & Settings

5.1. Which phones and tablets are compatible with the iLE app?
• All iOS devices running iOS 11.0 or later.
• All phones and tablets running Android 5.0 or later.

 5.2. Is it difficult to set up the module?
No, it is relatively simple.
You have to set up those channels one-by-one you are going to use to capture the connected signals.
On top of those signals, automatic recording is the most common feature that people tend to configure.

5.3. Does the iLE need an internet connection?
No. The iLE module creates its own WiFi hotspot (named ‘iLogger’). Start the iLE app on your phone and connect to this hotspot with your phone.
Please be aware that your phone cannot connect to more than one network at a time, so while it’s connected to the iLE module, the phone will not have an internet connection.

5.4. Do I have to maintain the WiFi connection while using the product?
Unless you are using your phone as a live dashboard, you do not have to have it connected all the time.
The iLE module has a built in memory that is used to store the recorded signal values.
You can download the recorded data from there with the help of your phone.

5.5. How many iLE modules can I pair and use with my phone?
There’s no limit, however only one can be connected at a time. If you have paired multiple iLE modules to your phone, make sure only one is powered up at a time within range.

 5.6. When there are more iLE units on the track, how do I know that I connected to MY module?
Do the pairing and initial setup when only your module is powered up nearby, e.g. in your garage. Under setup, create a unique name for ‘WiFi postfix’. This unique name will be shown in brackets in the module’s network name, e.g.: “iLogger (GSXR Joe)”.

5.7. Is there a way to ensure no one else has access to my iLE module?
Yes. Enter a personal Security code via the iLE app. It is stored in your phone, so you do not have to enter it every time, only if you try the connection from another phone.

5.8. I lost/replaced my phone. Did I lose my settings and sessions too?
The settings are stored in your iLE module. If you connect to the module with a new phone, the settings are automatically transferred to the phone.
Unfortunately, the downloaded sessions on your phone will be lost. If you still have some of them on the module, you can download them again.

5.9. What happens after I successfully downloaded a session from the iLE module?
After a successful download, the data will be still stored on the iLE module.
You have to manually delete it, or use the download and delete option to make it in one go.
Please make sure that you always have enough free space on the module’s internal memory, otherwise, recording will not be performed.

5.10. The app won’t recognize the actual track that I am riding on. How will I get a valid lap time?
You have to put the cursor to the place where you crossed the finish line on your track.
Open the lap timer menu and under the track list, choose the ‘laps by cursor’ option to calculate lap times.

5.11. What is the WiFi working range of the module?
The working range is affected by the module’s position on the bike and the phone’s WiFi capabilities (there are big differences between phone models). Normally, you should be able to connect to the module from about 3m (10ft) with the seat on.

5.12. How can I upload/save the settings to the module?
Changes made under the Setup page of the iLE app must be uploaded manually to the module.
You have to press the ‘Update module’ button to make it happen.
Until that point, changes are only made on your phone, no change will be made to the module itself.
This means that you can experiment with various changes under Setup before you press the manual update button.

5.13. My language is not supported in the app yet, what can I do?
Translations are done by our distributors. Please contact the distributor in your country for expected availability.

For more information, manuals, photos and videos, please visit:

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