The Ohvale GP-0 is available in 3 different models, with a 110cc, 160cc and a 190cc version there is a bike suitable for juniors, enthusiasts and even pro riders! Thanks to the team, they have engineered a serious track bike. The GP-0 is a small bike but with the dynamic behavior of a bigger bike.

The rider has the feeling of a really good balance that allow to dare to the limit of the tyres. The braking capacity is perfect and this gives a perfect sensation of bike control. You go into the corner very quickly and with a good control of the bike. When you accelerate out of the apex the balance of this bike allows to control it perfectly.

You have the feeling of controlling every sensation in riding! These motorcycles maybe half the size but are at least double the fun! Book a test ride to not only experience it but to be the judge yourself!

Book a test ride today here https://ohvale.com.au/product/ohvale-190-gp-0-adult-intermediate/

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