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One unit fits all motorcycles, ATVs, cars and other vehicles.

Small size, huge gains! The new ATRE is a killer combo for many riders. Advanced TRE function, auto brightness control and touch sensor in this new version for maximum satisfaction!

This combo unit is not only the most advanced gear indicator on the market, but also the best TRE (Timing Retard Eliminator) device available for selected Suzuki, Kawasaki and Triumph motorcycles. Get more power while smartening your ride up at the same time! Switch between 7 modes (+ bypass) with the help of the new touch sensor on the top of the unit.

Note: On 1000cc+ Suzuki models, including the GSX-R1000 and the Hayabusa, it even acts as a top speed de-restrictor. Get the max out of your ride with this simple yet effective and stylish mod. (TRE is disabled by default. To comply with local regulations, do NOT activate TRE mode on public roads!)


 Fast and accurate
Instant and accurate indication of the selected gear for added control and safety. The sampling period can be adjusted to make the response quicker or slower, depending on shift speed and signal conditions..

 Touch control
All settings can be done via the touch sensor so there’s no opening on the housing, it is completely sealed and encapsulated in epoxy. The touch sensitive area is on the TOP of the unit. However, after programming, the unit can be mounted even with the top side stuck to the dashboard (via the sticky pads supplied) and will function properly. It can also be used with the optional GIpro Mount.

 Quick installation
Plug ‘n Go wiring harness, easy to mount display. Complete installation can be done within 30 minutes on most motorcycles.

 Bright and effective display
Extra bright LED display, housed in a compact box. Available in 5 colors.

 Auto brightness control
The brightness of the display is adjusted automatically according to the ambient light intensity. The sensitivity of the sensor can be fine-tuned in the menu.

 Built-in Advanced TRE
With activated TRE (Timing Retard Eliminator) both throttle response and acceleration are improved in the lower gears. Also, the bike’s top speed limiter is disabled on 1000+ cc bikes. TRE automatically switches off in Neutral for smooth idle operation and switches back to the selected mode when the gearbox is in gear. If a TRE device is installed on a bike equipped with in-dash gear indicator, the bike’s indicator will show the mapped gear. However, the GIpro will indicate the gear selected regardless whether the built-in TRE is active or not. TRE is disabled by default. To comply with local regulations, do NOT activate TRE mode on public roads.

 Auto Learning function
The unit is pre-programmed to fit most motorcycles and it works out of the box. However, if needed, it learns the gear positions automatically, just start the learning function via the menu.

Compatible with all HealTech and most aftermarket products, including quick shifters.

 Robust design
– Full SMT-design, encapsulated in epoxy
– Flash memory to store user settings even with the battery disconnected
– Only inspected, high quality components are built in
– Each unit is extensively tested prior to shipping, guaranteed to work
– 100% waterproof (IP68)


Delivery Direct from Supplier
HealTech Electronics

 I have mounted the GIpro on a sportbike above the dash, below the windshield and I can’t reach the touch sensor at the top side of the unit. Is there any way to access the menu without taking the windshield off?
Yes, just use thin metal piece, at least 1cm (0.4″) wide. Hold the metal piece in your hand (without gloves) and use it as if it was an extension of your finger to operate the touch sensor.

 Will both the GIpro and the SpeedoHealer work together (because I know my speedo is really off)?
Sure, both units will work perfectly.

 I have a Power Commander (PC3 or PC5), is there any reason to get the GIpro?
YES! The benefits are:
– The Power Commander can adjust the FUEL map only, while the ATRE disables the timing retarder used in lower gears.
– ATRE will disable the speed limiter (GSXR1000, Hayabusa, DL1000, M109R, etc.) while the Power Commander will not.
– You’ll find the Gear Indicator function extremely useful in various situations.

  I do not have a Power Commander, is there any reason to get the GIpro?
YES! The same benefits apply as above.
The GIpro works perfectly with OR without a Dynojet Power Commander, Bazzaz Z-Fi or similar FI module.

  I do not wish to alter the stock gear maps, can I use the GI function only?
YES! We ship the GIpro with the ATRE mode disabled by default.
The GIpro is the best gear indicator you can get for your Suzuki. It’s not like competing products that all suffer from lag and incorrect readings. Your other option is to get a GIpro DS-series gear indicator, which has a smaller display and does not have ATRE function

  Your website says that the ATRE function is turned off as a default. Does this mean that when I stop, the function has to be manually reengaged via the button?
No. Once enabled, the settings won’t be cleared unintentionally, even if you disconnect the battery.

  Is it possible to check which ATRE mode is in use?
Yes, in the menu.

  Which ATRE mode should I use?
We list the recommended setting for various bike models in the User’s Guide. However, we recommend to try all modes and see which works best for your bike and other mods. To comply with local regulations, do not activate TRE mode on public roads.

  Will the unit drain my battery?
Absolutely not! The unit does not get any power when the ignition key is switched off. During operation it consumes less than 1W.

  The clutch safety switch has been disabled on my bike. May this affect the ability of the GIPro to function correctly?
The GIpro will work fine with the clutch switch disabled. However, with a disabled clutch switch, your ECU MAY use the restricted ignition map regardless whether ATRE is enabled or not.
Make sure your switch is disabled such a way that the ECU can read the switch signal properly, only the starter relay is grounded permanently.

  Can an ATRE be customized? The problem we are experiencing with an ATRE on our GSXR1000 engine powered car is too much horsepower for the traction we can get in 1st gear.
Yes, we can do custom units with custom maps. E.g. you may want a special mode where ATRE is activated from the second gear.

  Should I do anything with the unit after replacing the battery?
No, all settings are retained even with the battery disconnected.

  Some gears are not indicated properly.
Please execute the Learning procedure as per chapter 5.2 of the User’s Guide.
If the problem persists, repeat the Learning process with the bike on stand and engine running. Make sure you see the “U” flashing after selecting 6th gear.

  I ride a lot in the rain. Is there anything I should do to protect the unit from water?
The unit is IP68 rated i.e. it would work even underwater.

  My bike has a racing ECU. Will the GIpro work?
Yes, it will work fine.

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