BMW Exhaust Servo Eliminator Switchable ESE-SW-BM1 (NEW)

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Switchable exhaust servo eliminator module

Switchable exhaust servo eliminator module

The ESE-SW is a special version of the Exhaust Servo Eliminator that lets you take control of the stock exhaust servo motor and valve. Now you have the ability to fully open the EXUP valve with the supplied switch. Enjoy the best of both worlds: let the EXUP work in stock mode for street use, however, open the valve fully when you are using your bike on the racetrack/closed circuit.

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About the Exhaust Servo Eliminator SW

The Switchable Exhaust Servo Eliminator (ESE-SW) is a special version of the highly successful Exhaust Servo Eliminator (ESE). It connects in line with the servo actuator motor and adds the ability for the rider to take full control of the servo motor. This comes in handy for instance when the bike is used both on public roads and for track riding/racing. The rider can fully open the exhaust valve (even while riding) by toggling the supplied (handlebar) switch. What are the benefits of such a setup? With the ESE-SW you can get the best of both worlds: street-wise the bike remains fully road-legal, while on the track you are not hindered by the servo motor by any means.

The ESE-SW is currently only available for BMW motorcycles.
For the list of compatible models, please scroll down and open the Compatibility tab.

Best of both worlds
With the ESE-SW you can get the best of both worlds. Street-wise the bike remains fully road-legal, while on the track you are not hindered by the servo motor by any means. You have the option to control the exhaust valve operation with the switch supplied – even while riding

You are in safe hands
The unit is completely sealed and epoxy encapsulated, which gives extreme protection for the internal parts from shocks, vibrations and water. All units have been extensively tested prior to shipment.

Plug ‘n Go installation
The Plug ‘n Go connector makes installation quick and easy, eliminating the need to alter the bike’s original wiring. Just locate the exhaust servo motor under the rider/passenger seat, disconnect the plugs, plug the ESE-SW in line with the servo motor, find a suitable place for the switch (handlebar preferably) route the cable of the switch and that’s it, you’re ready for the ride!

What's an Exhaust Servo & EXUP valve?

For the last two decades bikes have been equipped with an exhaust flap valve (also called as EXUP valve) to improve low down torque with the hindering of the flow of escaping gasses creating back pressure in the exhaust system. As the revs rise and the more you open the throttle, this valve opens more and more so the gasses can leave unblocked. This valve and its housing is welded after the header’s downpipes right before the collector pipe and/or the collector chamber/catalytic converter so removing this alone from the factory system is not worth the time, the money and the effort itself since the OEM system in the most cases is still low quality and heavy as hell. Of course, titanium OEM systems exist but finding an exhaust shop with titanium welding capabilities isn’t easy and will cost you an arm and a leg in labour to remove the exhaust valve from the system. So it’s easier and gives much better result to opt for an aftermarket end-can or whole system. Either way you take, you will need an Exhaust Servo Eliminator to complete the job properly!

User Manual - ESE-SW-BM1 User Manual


M1000R (2023)
M1000RR (2021-2023)
M1000RR M Competition (2023)
M1000RR 50 Years M (2023)
R nineT [Euro 3 spec] (ALL years), R nineT [Euro 4 spec] (2017-2021)
R nineT [Euro 5 spec] (2021-2023)
R1200 with bulbs (ALL years)
R1200 with LEDs [Euro 3 spec] (ALL years)
R1200 with LEDs [Euro 4 spec] (ALL years)
R1200 ABS with bulbs (ALL years)
R1200 ABS with LEDs [Euro 3 spec] (ALL years)
R1200 ABS with LEDs [Euro 4 spec] (ALL years)
R1250 GS (2019-2023)
R1250 R (2019-2023)
R1250 RS (2019-2023)
R1250 RT (2019-2023)
S1000R [Euro 3 spec] (ALL years)
S1000R [Euro 4 spec] (ALL years)
S1000R [Euro 5 spec] (ALL years)
S1000RR (2009-2014)
S1000RR (2019-2023)
S1000XR (2015-2023)


R 18 (2021-2023)
S1000RR (2015-2018)
An additional 1x ESE-BM1 is also required
(these are models where normally 2 x ESE modules are required)

Warranty: 30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year replacement warranty from the date of purchase (Invoice copy required)

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ESE-BM1 BMW Exhaust Servo Eliminator

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