Speedangle Apex Lap Timer – Firmware Update R018

Posted by   Steve Thibou

How to update SpeedAngle Apex Model Firmware to Latest Version

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1. Download Current Firmware


  • DashApex-ENG-R018.sadfu2 This update is strongly recommended for all users with firmware ENG.R007, ENG.R009, ENG.R010, ENG.R01, ENG.R012, ENG.R014 & ENG.R015.

2. Connect Your Device

Launch SpeedAngle R4 Software, go to MENU -> TOOLS -> LOG DOWNLOADER.

Click on “CONNECT DEVICE”. Once your timer has been connected via USB, its firmware version will be shown at the bottom of the front dialog window: 

Only update if your firmware is a previous version.

3. Upload Firmware

Click on “DEVICE FIRMWARE UPDATE” at the bottom. Read the warning message carefully, and then click OK.

Browse to find the latest firmware file you downloaded to your computer. The upload will take about 15 seconds. Once it is done, you will see “Firmware Update Success” beside the firmware version at the bottom of the dialog window. Your device will also reboot automatically when completed.

During the update process, DO NOT power the device off, disconnect the device from the computer, or do anything that may interrupt the process. Otherwise, the firmware may be incomplete and can be fixed only by sending the device back to our warehouse.

If the update fails you can just close window and reopen log downloader and reconnect timer and try the firmware update again.

4. Check Firmware on Device

To check if you device has been updated, simply close window and reopen and connect device.  The existing firmware number should be located just below Change User Name button. If it has DASH_APEX_ENG.R018 then your firmware upgrade has been applied.

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6. Having trouble connecting to the computer.

See https://www.mototrack.com.au/connecting-your-speedangle-lap-timer-to-your-computer.html