Installing Rim Stickers

[HOW TO] Application of Motorcycle Rim Stickers

It's easy and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.
Avoid application of rim stickers in the following conditions:
Windy, direct sunlight, hot temperatures, hot rims or dusty conditions.

Please Note: Reflective material has easy apply material, this means that air will release via the backing.

Four (4) Simple Steps to Apply Motorcycle Rim Stickers

1. Ensure the wheel has been cleaned and all chain lube is removed.
For best results use an alcohol based cleaner.

2. Wheel doesn't need to be removed to apply quarter rim stickers,
place the first sticker on the rim as shown in video below.

3. Place the second sticker with approximately 5-10mm overlap,
repeat until all four stickers are placed.

4. Repeat Steps 1 – 3 for both wheels, rim sticker material to complete three wheels [24 strips].

Please keep spare rim stickers in a safe place, rim stickers can be damaged
when replacing wheels and tyres.

Rim Sticker Installation video's are on YouTube.

Mototrack Accessories is the manufacturer of Rim Stickers and we offer a 30 day Money Back Guareentee.

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