HM Dash

Hm Dash - Motorcycle Dash

Hm Dash is made to suit a variety of motorcycles which are mainly used or converted to track or race bikes. Made by this motorcycle digital dash has all the inbuilt gauges that come standard with your road bikes motorcycle dash but also includes all the extra's for use on the race track. Display Modes are achieved at the press of a button and can be changed from a choice of Road Modes, Track Modes, Lap Timer Modes and Qualifying Modes.

Motorcycle Speedometer - Gps Lap Timer

The HM Gps Dash or Hm Dash Board comes ready too install into the bikes original wiring loom. No cutting or splicing required, simply remove the original dash and install the Hm Dash and you are ready to go. The inbuilt gps lap timer can record as many laps as required from its in built 10Hz gps unit. Find out much more by clicking on your motorcycle model shown below.

Please note that some models may not be in stock at time of ordering, some orders can take 1 - 2 weeks to supply.