HM Products

Hm Quickshifter is the best & most trusted motorcycle quick shifter kits on the market today. Used by many Motogp teams, track day riders and road riders to allow full throttle clutch less up shifting on virtually any motorcycle. They are a stand alone system meaning that they do not require any secondary device to make it work. So if you own a Aprilia, Bmw, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Ktm, Suzuki, Triumph or Yamaha motorcycle we will most likely have a quick shifter kit to suit your bike.

Hm Quickshifter Plus SS – All the features of the Hm Quickshifter Plus model but with added revolutionary seamless shift technology. What we call the Hm Quickshifter Plus SS.

Hm Quickshifter Plus – The Hm Quickshifter Plus gives you smooth and positive gear changes. A must for the racer giving you a couple of seconds a lap or for the road rider just great fun on your favourite piece of road.

Hm Quickshifter Super Lite – The Hm Quickshifter Super Lite is the ideal kit for those looking at adding a quickshifter to their daily ride. Super Fast, Super Affordable, Super Lite. Not for Race Use.



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