Healtech Electronics releases Advanced Rider Assistant [ARA-1]

Posted by   Steve Thibou

We are Australian/New Zealand Importers and Distributors. Stocking all kits for same-day shipping Australia-wide with Free Express Post Shipping. Simply visit our website and use the HT Product Advisor to see if your bike can be fitted with all NEW Advanced Rider Assistant [ARA-1]


AR Assistant (ARA)
Advanced Rider Assistant System

We have all combinations in stock, some items may need to be ordered if sold out and this will take 2 - 3 weeks approximately.

The AR Assistant is a complete rider-aid package including traction and wheelie control for maximizing rider safety & performance both on-road and racetrack. Compatible with a wide range of motorcycles. Supplied with bike-specific harness kits for quick and easy installation.

Anti-Wheelie & Traction Control (AW-TC) System + Fully customizable Launch Control (LC) and Pit lane limiter / Top speed limiter (PIT)
The product can be installed on any ABS-equipped bikes using the bike-specific harness kits. Non-ABS models may also use the ARA with the front wheel disc and sensor (included in the non-ABS kit).


Amazing compatibility
The ARA is compatible with all vehicles having one or more cylinders and Transistor Controlled Ignition (TCI). It is NOT compatible with old models having Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI). Non-ABS models require the ARA disc and sensor kit. Works together with all other HealTech products.

Pit lane limiter (PIT)
Limit the bike speed while the PIT switch is ON. Essential to keep the mandatory speed limit in the pit lane, but also a great feature as a top speed limiter for less-experienced riders.

Anti-Wheelie & Traction Control (AW-TC)
Adjustable in 12 stages to match your riding style and road/track conditions. Can be completely disabled either in the ARA app or via the supplied On/Off switch. The ARA ensures optimal grip and maximum acceleration on all road conditions. Improves safety and your lap times too!

Launch Control (LC)
No more unwanted wheelies during launches. Enjoy thrilling acceleration combined with maximum efficiency. Customize launch settings for the rider/machine combination to the maximum.

You’re in safe hands
The module is weather and shockproof and comes with our 2-year warranty. We offer free and automatic software updates for the lifetime of this product. Even the module firmware is updated automatically via WiFi (with our zero-risk technology) which makes the product future proof


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