How to Disable Healtech Electronics Quickshifter iQSE-1 on downshifting.

Posted by   Steve Thibou

How to Disable Quickshifter iQSE-1 on downshifting.

In general, the unit can differentiate the shift direction only when it is installed in the shift rod. When the sensor is under the bolt of the shift arm, it cannot detect the shift direction.

The important thing is to differentiate that the shift rod is PULLED or PUSHED during an upshift.

For example, here are the step-by-step instructions to disable the downshift cut when the shift rod is configured as PULL.

1) Install the sensor in the rod WITHOUT the conical washers, so the sensor only.

Tighten the nut fully by hand then by about 30 degrees using a wrench. (See the attached photo)

(When installed this way, the unit can detect the shift direction).

2) Run the Setup Wizard and follow the instructions.

After the Wizard, make sure the "Noise filtering" is set to "Active+".

Otherwise, please re-run the Wizard and make sure you do the shifts properly when prompted.

"Active+" means that the unit has detected that the shift rod configuration is PULL and the compression signal will be ignored.

When the shift rod is PUSHED during an upshift, the "Noise filtering" has to be "Active".

When the shift rod is PULLED during an upshift, the "Noise filtering" has to be "Active+".

The Wizard sets it correctly when the 3 x upshifts are performed as requested.

3) The tricky thing is that when you do an upshift, the signal will be first an expansion (rod is pulled) but then (when you release the shift lever) it will be a compression signal.

Same way, when you do a downshift, first it will be compression and then (when you release the shift lever) it will be an expansion. But you do not want the cut for that expansion (when lever is released after a downshift), right?

Under the "Sensor setup", tap and hold the "QSE sensor" button for about 5 seconds, until the text switches to "QSE sensor+".

Go back to the app main (1st) page.

- Check the signal for upshift:   It should be a high number 

- Check the signal for downshift: It should be 0 or a small number in yellow

The "QSE sensor+" setting means that the sensor will trigger on the first half of the signal only i.e. when it starts with expansion in this case.

4) Have the "First RPM" high enough, where you need the QS function working.

5) After a test ride, fine tune the settings.

6) After the first 30 miles or so, we recommend to re-tighten the nut by about 10-20 degrees.

It has to be done once after the installation.


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