Capit Smart TyreWarmers

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The tyrewarmers motion Smart are the last born in the house Capit and represent the entry level product of the company, while being equipped with all the qualitative characteristics of each blanket motion made in Italy by Capit.


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Tyre Warmers for Sports Use, Motorcycles, Entry Level

Technologically advanced because they do not have a thermostat, they are self-regulating at 85°C and equipped with TNT technology like the older sisters SUPREMA and MAXIMA.

Intended for more amateur use , they are made of sturdy polyester with a two-year warranty .

They are available in Black, Red and Blue with direct plug connection 100-110-230 V.

For those who need more professional use and / or to be able to regulate the temperature, we recommend the purchase of the motorbike tire warmers of the SUPREMA, MAXIMA and FACTORY families.

Black, Blue & Red.


XL  –  Front 120/17" Rear 180-190/55-17"

XXL – Front 120/17" Rear 200-205/55-17"



Capit Warm-Up Bike Catalogue 2020 (Capit-WarmUp-Bike-Catalogue-2020.pdf, 2,600 Kb) [Download]

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