Capit Mini Vision Tyre Warmers

Capit Mini Vision Tyre Warrmers

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The tyrewarmers motion Smart are the last born in the house Capit and represent the entry level product of the company, while being equipped with all the qualitative characteristics of each blanket motion made in Italy by Capit.


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The Mini Vision Capit tyrewarmers for Minimoto, Pitbike, MiniGp (Ohvale) and Scooter are simple in shape but great in task: versatile, very practical and efficient, they are the best-selling in the world.

The Mini Vision tyrewarmers are provided by a control unit, integrated in the tyrewarmer itself, with ultra-compact sizes (only 8mm thick) and made with impact-resistant material.

With just 2 buttons it is possible to view the initial setting temperature chosen (T set) and the real one present on the tires (T run) as well as being able to choose the set temperature in °C or °F.

With the new integrated timer you will also know at a glance if the tire is ready to be used on the track thanks to the display that will flash after 10min that the electric blanket has carried out the installed temperature.

Available in various sizes and colors with Australian (AUS – 240 Volt) plug.

Working Temperature: 40°C to 110°C  [Set by Operator]



Capit Warm-Up Bike Catalogue 2020 (Capit-WarmUp-Bike-Catalogue-2020.pdf, 2,600 Kb) [Download]

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